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What to Be Wary of When Swimming in the Ocean

Swimming in the ocean is exciting and fun but one needs to be wary of a few things when swimming in the oceans. These include:

  • The ocean currents: The currents are the small rivers of water flowing in the ocean which have little higher or lower temperature that the ocean water. Never get into the current as it can drag you away from the shore and it becomes very hard to swim back against it.
  • The channels leading to sea: There may be channels in the coral that go to the sea. If you get entangled in one of these channels then be assured that you are in big trouble.
  • The shark attack: Though not very common yet be wary of the sharks in the oceans. Ask and enquire whether there had been any shark attack in that region or not. Avoid the ocean where there had been any shark attack ever.

How to Play Floor Hockey

Floor hockey is quite similar to ice hockey only difference being it is not played on ice.

  • The floor hockey is played with a hockey stick, puck and goal posts. Six players play in a team. The size of the floor hockey field is similar to the basket ball field. The goal posts are at the opposite ends of the field.
  • The puck is dropped in the center to begin the play. Players have to hit and push the puck with their hockey sticks.
  • The goal is scored when the puck is in the net or goal. Breaking the plane of the net’s bar is also considered a goal.
  • The puck has to be handled by stick only. Holding it with hand causes a foul. Too much of body checking is not allowed.
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The Benefits of Having a Strong Core in Basketball

Strong core is one of the requirements to become a good basketball player. The core of the body connects the lower and the upper parts of the body. The typical moves Personalized Lanyards that are needed in basketball use a lot of core strength like

  • When the player twist on a side to grab a ball that is passed
  • Bends down to grab a ball near the feet
  • Dribbles the ball
  • Stretches up and out to grasp a ball on rebound
  • Grabs the rebound away from the opponent by twisting the ball out from their hands.

Thus most of the actions in basketball involve the core of the body so the core has to be strong.

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Traditional Tennis Attire Vs Current Tennis Fashions

The modern tennis has completely different attire than the traditional tennis. The current tennis players are more fashionable and trendy than their earlier counterparts.

  • Traditionally tennis clothes used to be in white thus the selection of clothes was simple and streamlined. Today players like Serena Williams and Roger Federer wear apparels that are multi colored and extremely fashionable.
  • Traditionally cotton was the fabric used for tennis attire but now polyester fabrics are more in use.
  • Earlier the dress codes were shorts and tucked in shirts for men and skirts or skorts with sleeveless or short sleeved shirt for women. Now there is no hard and fast rule and most of the players wear un-tucked shirts.

Track and Field – Marathon Running Tips

To run the fastest marathon, one needs a complete balance of body and mind to stimulate the race condition.

  • Plan weekly long runs with planned marathon pace (PMP) workouts. The first phase has to be normal long run pace, the second phase should be PMP and the last phase as warm down pace. This will help you to achieve the best marathon pace.
  • Get familiar with your marathon course. This will help you to plan your strategy and save you from getting lost.
  • Monitor your race. Don’t feel dishearten if some patches of the marathon is not up to your expectation. Don’t lose hope and remain focused. This will undoubtedly improve your performance.
  • The arm swing has to be more when you are running uphill. This will help you to get better pump to your run. Let your arms and legs move together rather than against each other.
  • Save as much as energy possible in the beginning as it can be used in the end to get better speed.
  • Stretch your muscles to bring flexibility to the body. The stretching of calves, hamstrings and feet are extremely important.
  • Keep the body hydrated as water is the key factor to performance. Wear cloths that are comfortable and allows the body to be cool.

Differences between Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are both winter sports that have lots of fun and excitement. The major differences between the two are:

  • The equipment used in skiing and snowboards are different from each other. Skiers use two boards and two skies that are strapped and have bindings. They use ski poles to navigate. In contrast the snowboarders have a single wide board. They use their body to propel and navigate.
  • The snowboarders’ bindings are placed side by side but the skier is bound along the length of the snowboard so his feet face straight.
  • The skiers have more risks Personalized Lanyards of knee injuries whereas the snowboarders get hurt on the wrist more often.
  • The snowboarders have to sit while stationary to remain on the edge but skiers can use poles to keep themselves stationary.
  • Snowboards are better suited for powder and crud whereas skies work better on ice and bumps.
  • Getting up after a fall is easier on a snowboard than on skies.
  • The crux of the difference is that it is lot easier to learn skiing than snowboarding as snow boarding requires more skill and balance than skiing.

Both the sports are great adrenal boosters and excitement providers as winter sports.